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According to an email exchange I had with a business developer for the JACI Group, YourFreeLegalForms has currently downloaded more than 500 forms and is adding them regularly. No one will argue that sophisticated legal agreements will be a dozen on the web, but some parts of them and, in fact, whole agreements that are simpler and will suffice for many purposes, will certainly spread. is another Docstoc. See this Article from November 2007 for my docstoc review. The problem is not a lack of free legal forms online. Instead, it`s free online a huge and ever-growing offer of contractual models, most of them are crappy, and separating what`s correct in terms of language and substance, from what`s not OK is a daunting task. Free online forms are hardly a panacea. Can`t find what you need? If you don`t see the legal form you need, send us an email and we`ll consider adding it in the future. There are different types of agreements through which you can benefit from the services of a consultant, contractor or sales agent. Other services involve things like an agent or a related company or a supply or distribution contract. A sworn statement is an affidavit. They are used for many things, such as court documents, business transactions and certain types of credits. We also have affidavits for California, Florida, Illinois and Texas.

Answer a number of questions to create the legal document you need, download and print your PDF file. As the online world inexorably proves that information wants to be free, internal consultants will have more and more forms of online agreements, and this for free. An example of this is Doing business online often means you have to make the right deals to make sure your site is as well maintained as any traditional store or office. These can also include ads on the Internet or protect the distribution of the software. If you are a tenant who wants to sublet or assign your rental property, it is important to get the right agreement to protect your interests. We offer forms that support landlord and tenant disclosure and other issues or help define landlords and tenants. In California, we can even help you in the event of authorization and waiver of the rights to your property. Rees Morrison, a prolific blogger on everything related to the legal department, published this article on free legal forms available online. Here`s what it says: Once your legal document has been created and adapted to meet your needs, it`s yours! Save it, print it out and share it with everyone you choose.

Fill out your form by answering a number of questions online, written in philanthropic language, not legal. Whether you have a partnership, an LLC or a business, there are many documents you need to formally initiate or end relationships. There are also agreements, communications, invoices and receipts to carry out your day-to-day operations. We have more than 150 legal forms for professional and personal needs, all created by lawyers. Your document will be automatically updated with the information you provide.